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The Library at Mount Char Review – Dys Fantasy Reader

The Library at Mount Char is not quite like any other book I’ve read before.

The world that the reader is introduced to at the beginning of the novel is an unusual one and little explanation for the strange concepts and events that transpire. The set up, the world and environment seem crazy at first, but stick with it, as all will be revealed the further you delve into the story.

I love the way the story starts small and becomes epic as you progress.

There are several great ideas in this book. And they’re plotted perfectly. Foreshadowing is handled really well, and everything is tied up brilliantly.

There is a section towards the end of the book where a large amount of exposition is given from one of the main characters to another, and this removes the reader from the urgency of the story. But this is only temporary and the plot picks up again and races towards its conclusion.

You may have noticed that this review is somewhat light on synopsis. I believe that the less you know about the book before you begin, the better you’ll enjoy it.

And if you’re one of those readers – like me – who enjoy the slow build up of mysteries in a book then enjoy it you will.

This comes highly recommended for those who enjoy their fantasy a little unusual, high concept, and a little dark. Great book.

5 Stars

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