Keep on Maze Running… review by Reggie

Loved it.

Not much more to say apart from that to be honest. The less I talk about the plot the less spoilers I’ll give away and the more you’ll enjoy it.

The best way I can think to review and recommend this book is to pose the question:

Do you prefer your books plot driven or character driven?

This book is unashamedly plot driven.

You’re given the slimmest amount of information at the beginning and then gradually drip fed addition information through the remainder of the book.

And personally I found the whole story hugely interesting so devoured the book in a few days desperate to find out what happened at the end.

Remember the Outer Limits TV show? It kind of reminds me of a plot you’d see on one of their episodes. Great premise and ideas and then it almost wraps up at the end but not quite and left open to the imagination.

If you’re into literary fiction or character driven story, I’d probably recommend skipping Maze Runner, because although the book isn’t badly written it doesn’t give you much character depth to sink your teeth into. The characters are very much created to progress the plot.

Looking through other reviews I can see there’s some frustration in the character development and because there’s no real romance to speak of, which are fair criticisms.

But for me I don’t necessarily think that’s too detrimental to the novel. I loved it and I’m off to purchase book two.

What do you think?


Written by Reggie

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