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After the Accident – Review – Audio Killed the Bookmark

Posted on April 2, 2020 by Berit @ Audio Killed the Bookmark

Happy Thursday all!

Hope life is treating you well! This book was the perfect little break from the current craziness and the sombering news.

Clever, compelling, creative. Kerry Wilkinson has crafted a fresh story with a unique construct. The story was told in an interview style reminiscent of a documentary. I started this book in print and then I thought I go see if there was an audio version. I have to admit for me this worked a lot better on audio. It is narrated by multiple narrators and it was really like listening to a really well-done crime podcast. Kerry Wilkinson narrates A small part of the story, it was nice to hear his voice. I’ve read a few reviews that allude to this being based on a true story? I can’t find any information that would back this up, but it definitely reads as one. Dysfunction, deception, secrets, and lies.

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